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Blog is short for "web log" is a form of web applications that have writings published as a post on a public web pages. These writings were loaded from the most recent posts and then followed the older posts. Web sites like this can usually be accessed by all Internet users according to topic and purpose of the blog users.

Blogs were first popularized by Companies that have the are pyralab and in 2002 was acquired by
Since then, many applications that was opened by to developed. Blog has a very diverse functions ranging from diaries, media publicity and political campaigns, to media programs and corporations. Some blogs made by a single author, while some other blogs written by several authors. Many also have facilities blogs interaction with the audience, like using the guest book and comment columns that can introduce their visitors to leave comments. But there are also blogs that hide the comments for privacy reasons.

Blogosphere is a collection of interconnected weblogs. Blogstorm happens when all the activities, information and opinions collected a very large and has repeatedly appeared to some very controversial subject that happens in the blogosphere.
Title: Blog and Blogger
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